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Portrait Photography Tips Every Photographer Must Know

Dec 11

Portrait photography can be challenging, but not impossible. This tutorial from will show beginners how to use both DSLR/Mirrorless cameras and smartphones to create stunning portrait photos.

Choose Your Background Wisely

Portrait photographers need to ensure that their subject stands out against a background. They are unique! They use neutrals, but also bright colors that aren’t too flashy. We don't want the attention to be drawn away from the person we love.

Be sure to know the subject matter

No matter how expensive your camera is, if the subject doesn't feel happy and relaxed, it won't make for great photos.

Take photos of people who are new to being photographed by strangers, or have their cameras pointed at them. Make sure everyone is comfortable.

Begin by making small talk about the best type of shot and explaining why it is so important. Next, gather inputs from everyone about what they want to see on film.

Get Your Subject Some Good Posing Techniques

Professional photographers in Las Vegas know that models are often unsure of how to pose. To capture their beauty, it's important to clearly guide them and give clear instructions.

Photographs that are simple to capture and easy to feel comfortable with will be the most successful. To avoid awkward transitions between poses/angles, use props like hats.

Your Subject should be clearly lit

Portrait photography should be done in natural daylight. Natural lighting is better than studio lighting.

If you're open to trying new, it's impossible to go wrong.

Backlighting gives your subject a golden glow.