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Family Photos Las Vegas

Feb 7

Family photos Las Vegas has created a list with the best spots for Las Vegas photographers. Photographers who want to capture breathtaking views from the top and avoid crowds towards Fremont Street will find many options close by.

Las Vegas offers beautiful weather throughout the year. Las Vegas is known for its beautiful weather year round.

Las Vegas Strip

Many iconic attractions are found in Las Vegas, such as the Bellagio fountains and the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. These are just some of the many picturesque spots photographers have access to when capturing the main street.

This is why so many people visit Las Vegas' sinful Sin City. It is the most photographed area in Las Vegas. Each casino is determined to be the best with their unique architecture, artistic decor, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Dry Lake Bed

There are vast barren areas that stretch out for miles and are filled with dry, cracked soil. Although it is not often crowded, you may see a few four-wheelers and dirt bikes kicking up dust further away.

Clark County Wetlands Park:

This spot is great for family and portrait photographers, as well as nature photographers. Every corner of the park has its own unique backdrop. It is not open to the public. The park is open all year. You may be able to access the majority of it. You will find beautiful trees and brushy vegetation as you follow the paths. It is likely that you will be the only person who finds it each year.


Everybody will want to capture a photo of their Las Vegas trip. While we don't have enough options and time constraints, there are some great places to visit.