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Party Rental Equipment Every Celebrity Has At Their Party

Aug 21

The Ultimate Party Rental Equipment Guide Every Celebrity Has At Their Party

Party Rental Equipment Every Celebrity Has At Their Party

We love celebrity parties! They're so exciting, glamorous, and stunning! It'll be like walking into another world with everything you imagine. Why not take a walk on the wild side? We're always looking to keep up with all the latest celebrity events, and we can't wait to attend more in the future.

That's why you need to have a professional on the case. These are some of the top party rental companies I know and can recommend for celebrities.

Photo Booths

Pictures are a great way to take memorable moments with your friends. Some photo booths come with hundreds of different props, making them more fun than a regular photo and increasing the chance that you will remember these special moments in years to come.

Celebrities featured in CBS - bigbrother used a PhotoBooth to capture sentimental yet funny pictures.

Also, celebrities would choose InstaPhotoBoothRental because we always deliver on time without problems. Plus, our downloadable services have cool features like custom social media sharing. For example, some parties have DJs or Bartenders to make an event more lively. We can also offer green screens and photo booths that are now becoming the norm at many celebs' events. Our facility turns any party into an unforgettable experience with a touch of festivity.

Party Decorations- Blingy Lights, String Lights, and Neon Lights

String and neon lighting are becoming more popular for events like celebrity birthday parties and are an excellent idea for sweet 16 photo booth parties. One occasion had a neon party sign with the number '21' in illuminated letters. People love the Kardashian, too, and were even featured at this event!

Party DJ/Speakers

Every corporate event needs a speaker who excels at engaging the audience, even if that means contending with the challenge of getting them on board. Your footage and audio quality will depend on the equipment you hire. It's essential to invest in good quality as this can make a difference to your audience, and they'll appreciate it more.

Having a good speaker at an event will always make it more lively. Whether the event is a relaxed, casual party for friends or there's something important to celebrate, the best speech will help people feel the real significance of what's happening. Knowing how to set up a sound system for your party is an art, and you're also likely to miss out on the whole music experience if you don't do it right.

Choosing to use garlands instead of buying them outright is a great idea. They can add some color and festive vibes to your events.


Garlands have a variety of decorations for your special events -- from weddings to birthdays.

Tablewares, Platewares

People who have a lot of money sometimes choose to rent their plates and tableware for parties, which usually works out better cost-wise. Rentals also sound like a great deal!

Serving refreshments at a party can bring with it a lot of work. For example, you'll need plates, glasses, and tableware for people to eat and drink from. You may not need everything you see in the shops, so before you go shopping, make sure what item number is required by using our stock calculator.

Party Toys and Games

At social gatherings, games are an essential component. It's not uncommon for some games to require equipment, but some only work with a specific kind of equipment.

It's a fact that celebrities sometimes use party toys at their parties. Just look at the GIF; they can get the fun going. Some games like 3-in-1 drinking chess or beer pong sets are also excellent and worth setting up for your next gathering.


Costumes are a great way to keep everyone's mood up at the party, no matter the theme. There's something for everyone: from animal costumes for those who want to dive into the music to formal wear that can be worn again outside this event.

We offer various costumes for rent, making it easier than ever for you to get precisely what you need. Our costumes are inexpensive, and we deliver enough choices to suit just about any theme in your party.


It may not seem glamorous, but owning party rental equipment ensures that your guests will have a good time. Part of this was to ensure that celebrity friends had a good experience.


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