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How To Take Your Upcoming Event To The Next Level… With A Balloon Arch!

Sep 9

Tips For Using A Birthday Balloon Arch

If you are planning to decorate a birthday party with a balloon arch, it’s often recommended that you hire a professional! First, you will need to choose the balloons you want them to use. Choose balloon colors that coordinate with the overall theme of your party. People often choose colors that are bright and cheerful. The balloon artist sometimes adds foliage or ribbon. 



Tips For Using A Wedding Balloon Arch

Using a wedding balloon arch is a great way to add a wow factor to your wedding. It decorates a doorway and provides a great photo opportunity for your guests. The arch can be easily moved and placed anywhere, from near the ceremony to the reception and even near the cake table. There are many different styles to choose from, so you can create your own unique wedding balloon arch.

Balloon arches usually have a variety of colors. Adding feathers or ferns adds a touch of unique beauty! Another option is to use balloons as accents to enhance the look of your wedding balloon arch. You can add garlands, florals, and other decorations to make it look even more special. You can purchase pre-packaged balloon arch kits or follow DIY instructions to create your own, but professional party planners often recommend hiring a professional balloon artist. These arches are also great to place in front of a backdrop. A fringe style backdrop is a great choice as it comes in tons of colors.

One of the most fun aspects of having a balloon arch at your event is that it will be a conversation starter. Consider choosing pink, white, or champagne-colored balloons to add a touch of color to your wedding! You can also opt for a colorful balloon wall and add some burgundy balloons for a more formal look.

Tips For Using A Baby Shower Balloon Arch

To create an arch for a baby shower, you'll need to choose some balloons. When assembling the balloon arch, professional balloon artists always use high-quality balloons. Low-quality balloons are less likely to hold up and are bad for the environment. They will also have noticeable color variations when they are inflated. Choose a high-quality balloon to ensure a consistent color and a longer-lasting balloon arch.

Another way to create a beautiful balloon arch is to use a balloon garland. This is a beautiful alternative to a traditional arch made of real flowers and greenery. In addition to the balloons, you can also add foliage and flowers to decorate the arch. Balloon artists also sometimes use chicken wire or fishing line to create a garland-like effect.

Tips For Using A Graduation Balloon Arch

For a graduation party, a balloon arch is an excellent decoration. It can be made in any size and can be decorated with a variety of colors. This decoration is also a great option if the party will take place outdoors. You can use it as a backdrop for photos, too.

A balloon arch is the perfect centerpiece for any party, especially graduations. It can be placed at the entrance, stage, or special location. You can even order a balloon arch with a letter and number to match your theme. The colors can be customized as well to match the event's color scheme.

To create a graduation balloon arch, consider using balloons in the school colors! You can also make a balloon flower, which you can tie together and place in the center of the arch. If you'd like to make a more elaborate arch, you can use more layers and add additional balloons as needed.

Tips For Using An Anniversary Balloon Arch

When planning an anniversary celebration, consider using a balloon arch as a backdrop! Anniversary balloon arches often include a banner with the couple's names and the year of their wedding. They are very popular, and are all over Pinterest! They also make a wonderful backdrop for pictures with party guests.

Tips For Using A Custom Balloon Arch

A custom balloon arch can dramatically change the look of your event. Not only does it emphasize your color scheme and theme, but it makes an excellent backdrop for photos. Best of all, it doesn't have to be expensive. Balloon artists have developed an amazing hybrid called a half-arch, making the cost to add a balloon arch to your event even more affordable! 

Custom balloon arches are available in as wide of a variety of styles and colors as you can think of. There is even a type of balloon arch made of specialty balloons called a "linky" arch. This style is made from specialty balloons and uses a chain-link method to attach them together. It can also be made to look like a string of pearls.

Balloon artists at Diddams Party & Toy Store can customize your balloon arch with your favorite colors and specifications. You can place your custom balloon arch anywhere in your event space! It is also important to consider whether your arch is being used outdoors, whether it's in a garden or on a patio, and whether the arch will need a specialty frame. These are all details that you can discuss with your professional balloon artist.



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