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Is 30 Minutes Enough Time for Maternity Portraits?

Sep 29

You might consider booking a mini session of 30 minutes. These short, sweet sessions are easy to fit into your busy schedule. But are they worth the effort? It depends on the size of your group and the occasion. Check out the following to determine if a mini shoot is proper for you.

What is a mini shoot?

A mini maternity photoshoot is essentially a quick photo session. A typical photoshoot lasts between 1-2 hours and covers many locations. The photographer also delivers dozens upon dozens of photos. Mini photoshoots last for 30 minutes and offer fewer edited photos. These mini photoshoots are very popular because they're less expensive, making professional photography like Alyssa orrego Photography more affordable for everyone.

Book mini sessions photography

  1. It's affordable, so you don't have to regret getting one every year.
  2. They are short so that they can be easily integrated into your busy schedule.
  3. They're just plain fun.

How big is your group?

A mini photoshoot is an excellent option for solo travelers and couples who need a few quick shots. We recommend that you have a more extended session if your group photoshoot has more than three people. This will allow everyone to get a variety of photos.

A 1-hour photoshoot may be sufficient for 4 people but too short for 8 or 10. A single photographer is more likely to have a difficult time working with large groups of photographers in photoshoot sessions.

Maternity photographers in Victoria recommend adding extra time for your mini-session photographer to direct everyone. Also, make sure you capture the individual/couple shots.

Family Portraits

Family-of-3 photoshoots work well with mini sessions. Family photoshoots with multiple generations or small children are best served with 1-hour to 90-minute packages.

This seems to be the perfect spot for families to receive a gallery with many beautiful photos, and everyone is happy throughout the entire photoshoot session. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy this photoshoot. You might feel tired, cranky or fussy. This can impact everyone, and it will show in the photos.

Take a moment to reflect on your group and decide if a 1-hour or 1.5-hour photoshoot is the best option for family portraits. We recommend at least 1.5 hours for groups of 6 or more.

How many photos can you get from a mini photoshoot?

A 1-hour photography session will give you a lot of photos to look through and pick your favorite to download. A 30-minute shoot might not have the same amount. A 30-minute session could yield 20 photos, while a 1-hour shoot will give you 40-50 images to browse through.

Warm-up time is also essential! Warm-up shots are usually taken within the first 10 minutes of mini photography sessions to give you an idea of the flow of your photoshoot. Because you have been warmed up and your creative juices are flowing, the best photos will be taken towards the end.

While 30 minutes may be enough to capture one remarkable shot, the more time you reserve for your photo shoot, the better the chances of capturing the most amazing photos.