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How Long will Cracked Windshield Last?

Nov 3

Windshields are made to protect the car and all of its passengers. The windshield will shatter when it is hit by a small, hard object at a high speed. A crack in the windshield can quickly spread across the entire viewing area or spider web into many smaller cracks. If a driver has a broken windshield, they should get their auto glass repaired as soon as possible to ensure safety during driving.

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Option One: When you ignore your cracked windshield

Cracked windshields on parked cars have been known to sustain damage from flying ice chunks that have fallen from other vehicles or large trucks passing by on the highway. In this case, you should call your insurance company and ask how they would like for you to handle the situation before taking any further action.

If you keep driving your car with a cracked windshield, then there is a chance that it could be damaged even worse. For instance, the crack could spread to where it impairs your vision of the road or lengthens enough to fall into two pieces upon impact (and having no barrier between the broken glass and yourself). After all of this damage has occurred, you will need to get your windshield repaired or replace it completely. You may also have additional expenses like paying for repairs on any dents on the hood of your vehicle from flying rocks/ice chunks. If you can prove that another driver's actions caused damage to your vehicle, then they are responsible for covering these costs in most.

Option Two: When you get your Cracked windshield fixed ASAP

Whether this is to replace your windshield or just repair the crack, getting it done as soon as possible will result in fewer costs and expenses. The longer that you wait to take action, the more likely other damage will occur. Some drivers choose to get their insurance companies involved during this time because it may cover some of the expenses like windshield replacement or mechanical repairs.

The situation becomes even worse if you hit something while driving with a cracked windshield because there could be pieces of glass flying around inside of your car's cabin. If these shards fly into someone's eyes, then they could suffer eye injuries unlike any other from being cut by tiny fragments of sharp objects. This will require immediate medical attention to check for any scratches to the retina.

Option Three: When you fix your Cracked windshield with a do-it-yourself kit

There are many companies that sell kits that include everything that you need to repair a damaged or cracked windshield. These kits will come with an adhesive, sandpaper, gloves, razor blade knife, and small brushes so nothing is missing from the supplies required to complete this task. The adhesive will dry crystal clear so it doesn't obstruct the vision of the road or leave behind unsightly residue once it cures over several hours/days depending on the type used. If you have successfully completed this DIY project without any major hiccups, then there is no reason not to have it professionally installed later on if it hasn't already been done.

Option Four: When you take it to a shop to repair your Cracked windshield

Repairs are usually faster and cheaper when done by an auto glass professional rather than doing it yourself if the windshield doesn't have any major damage. These service centers will offer competitive rates because they are not working with inexperienced technicians that are completing this task for the first time. The cost of repairing the broken glass may range from $40-100 depending on how serious or complicated the crack is, where you live, and how much insurance coverage you have.

Option Five: When you get a new Cracked windshield for your vehicle completely replaced with a third party company

If you have not gotten this fixed yet because you aren't sure what to do next or have been putting it off for too long, then going with an insurance company is probably your best bet. They will come out to your car to inspect the damage and let you know how much it will cost if they cover any of these expenses depending on their policy terms and conditions. Don't just get anything repaired that doesn't have the necessary coverage from the insurance company unless you want to be responsible for any of the costs.

For a new windshield, prices start at $100-250 depending on the make and model of your car as well as how big or small it is. An easy way to protect yourself from getting ripped off by a shady auto glass shop is asking around to see if anyone has recommendations before walking into this decision blindly with no knowledge. The best part about going with third-party companies is that they can normally get it done within 24 hours because they have pre-booked appointments with their customers in advance so there aren't appointments available for just walk-ins like some service centers do. New windshield installation typically takes less than an hour so you don't need to worry about being without your vehicle for very long.


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