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How To Stop Windshield Crack From Spreading

Nov 5

A windshield cracks, and we know it is no good. That little crack can quickly grow into a spider web of lines that may eventually lead to a replacement of the entire windshield. But if you get it fixed in time, the cost of repair is inexpensive compared to replacement. Here's how to stop a small crack from growing:

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1) First, make sure broken glass removed

It sounds simple enough but many people skip this step and pay more for new windshields than they need to because all of the broken glass isn't removed. If there's still some sharp debris on the inside and outside of your window and it's not taken care of then your repair won't hold up as long as it should or worse yet, might not even hold at all. So make sure you remove all broken glass before moving on to the next step.

2) Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol

Use a lint-free cloth or paper towel soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean off any remaining debris from the area around the crack. It must be completely dry when you move on to the next step or your repair won't work correctly.

3) Apply special windshield adhesive & let sit for 15 minutes

Now it's time to apply windshield adhesive in order to stop a windshield crack from spreading further and leave it in place for at least 15 minutes so that the bonding agent has sufficient time to cure properly. You will see that window starts looking milky white after few minutes, then haze disappears after about 15 minutes or so. But you should never come back in less than an hour to check windshield crack because adhesive may not have had enough time to dry completely.

4) Finally remove the blue tape

Blue tape will be removed after the adhesive is fully cured and it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes or so unless the adhesive is very hot. In this case, wait for a few hours before removing the blue tape from your window. And now your new windshield won't crack anymore as long as you follow these steps every time you replace windshield wipers and it's always a good idea to consult with a professional if you aren't sure how exactly to do it yourself.

However, there are certain circumstances when even the best windshield crack repair won't hold up and that's because it wasn't done properly. Here is a short checklist of things to look out for:

- Any glass fragments remaining on glass could compromise your windshield repair

- If adhesive isn't allowed to cure long enough, you run the risk of having it come loose during driving

- If strong chemicals or cleaners were used around your repaired area before adhesive cured, then this can cause problems as well

With proper care and maintenance after any windshield replacement, we could expect our auto glass to serve us safely and effectively for many years. You just need to stay away from sandblasting equipment and other hard objects that might damage newly installed glass. And note that adhesive will work only on a clean and dry surfaces, so make sure you pay attention to this detail while completing the repair.

If you are in need of windshield crack repair in the Atlanta area, please contact us today for help. And even if your windshield doesn't need to be repaired right away, but you see your wiper blades look like they could use some attention then go ahead and replace them because worn out wiper blades can cause damage to the glass on your car when it rains or snows. We also provide Atlanta residents with windshield replacement service if needed.

Lastly, make sure you always use safe driving habits when behind the wheel of your car. Atlanta drivers should always remember that any unnecessary distractions while driving can be dangerous and cause accidents, especially if they involve pedestrians or cyclists on road.

Don't rely on luck to protect you and your passengers. Atlanta is full of bad drivers who cut in front of other cars, slam on breaks without notice, speed up out of nowhere and change lanes at the last minute. So it's always a good idea to reduce distractions as much as possible while driving to prevent any tragedy from happening because if you're not focused on driving then someone else might not be either.

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